Widex Hearing Instruments



West Monroe Hearing Healthcare Center considers Widex to be one of the best hearing instrument manufacturers due to their innovative tinnitus treatment technology and for producing high quality hearing aids with a natural, comfortable sound.

The latest hearing aids manufactured by Widex are the Dream series based on their new TRUE-ISP platform.  Widex Dream hearing aids communicate wirelessly with each other and have a really elegant range of wireless accessories to help with TV and telephone use.

Do we Carry, Fit, and Service these devices?    You Bet We Do!

We use these wonderful hearing devices, with phenomenal success,  in our approach to tinnitus management.  Widex uses a fractal tone technology that not only is promising relief for tinnitus sufferers---It Is Delivering!

If you suffer from Tinnitus--that ringing, roaring, buzzing, chirping,  etc... in your ears, Give us a call,  Make the appointment and Join our many tinnitus patients that are experiencing the benefits of Widex technology.   Let's get started with your relief today.

Widex Dream hearing aids can communicate wirelessly with each other – just like two ears do. This means that all the functions in your hearing aids are adjusted instantly depending on your listening environment. So even when you’re going from soft sounds to louder sounds, you can hear clearly.

Widex Dream also meets the challenge of hearing from different directions. It is the only Widex hearing aid that lets you focus on sound in selected directions without turning your head – perfect if you’re driving, for example.

Combined with a unique range of wireless accessories, some of the more difficult listening situations, such as watching television, listening to music or using your mobile phone, are made easier.

The Widex Dream series of hearing aids come with an incredible wide range of features designed to give users a natural sound experience.

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