Video Otoscopy: This valuable procedure is the first step of the process where we will visually inspect and capture a picture of your outer ear, ear canal and eardrum.

Hearing Evaluation: A comprehensive hearing evaluation to determine the extent of your hearing loss.
Impedance Exam: A set of middle ear tests designed to further inform us of your hearing capability.

Hearing Instrument Selection and Fitting: If testing indicates the need for amplification, the appropriate hearing instrument will be selected and fit to your specific needs.

Repairs & Service: We offer service and repair on most major manufacturers. 


Counseling and Follow-up with Fit Verification: Successful utilization of your hearing instrument fitting depends on the counseling process. We will schedule a series of interactive counseling sessions to assist you in adapting to amplification. The latest in Fit Verification equipment is used to validate your fitting and to fine-tune the instruments based on your feedback.

Cerumen Management: In some cases hearing loss is simply that your ear canal becomes blocked with earwax . We use safe and effective techniques to remove the blockage and clear the canal.

Ear Mold Impressions: We take silicone impressions of the ear canal for custom-fit hearing devices and hearing conservation. Specialized molds include musician's plugs, swim plugs or general hearing protection.

Tinnitus Management: Ringing in your ears? Noises in your head? Tinnitus can be, and is, an emotional condition; together we can explore techniques and therapies to help you lessen and overcome the stress and fatigue that accompanies this condition.

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