At West Monroe Hearing Healthcare Center, we proudly offer a full line of high tech digital Hearing Aids, which we believe are the best hearing aids on the market. They are available in a wide range of types and sizes to fit your lifestyle and budget and provide a natural and effortless hearing experience with a customized balance of comfort and clarity.

West Monroe Hearing Healthcare Center offers the newest in hearing aid connectivity accessories to accommodate our clients in a wide range of hearing environments. BlueTooth wireless devices like cell phones, computers, TV’s and music players can all be connected to your hearing instruments.

Our staff will be willing to go over the wide range of hearing aid and amplifier technologies available and will work with you to decide what features and functionality best meets your hearing loss needs.

Today’s hearing aid technologies learn your individual preferences and deliver “ just-right” amplification for truly personalized sound. After your initial fitting, the instruments continuously adapt to your lifestyle, for a hearing experience like no other.        

  • Clarity: Powerful new technologies provide "clean" amplification for more acoustically natural sound.

                  Hear in the natural way—Rediscover and enjoy your relationships with family and friends.

  • Comfort: Sound delivery-- a more natural, soft, and brilliant sound quality.
  • The latest in hearing aid technology is here, enjoy effortless hearing and fullness of sound so natural that you forget you even have a hearing problem!
  • Personal: Your individual preferences delivered in “ just-right” proportions.


West Monroe Hearing Healthcare Center---We Solve Hearing Problems!

Hearing loss comes in many different forms. We offer a full line of Hearing Aids to address all kinds of hearing loss, and accommodate various lifestyles and other needs. Whether you are searching for discrete hearing aids, comfort or a wide range of technology features, we have the right hearing aid for you.

  • Comfortable to wear
  • Longer battery life
  • Easy to clean
  • Easy to operate
  • Own voice sounds more natural
  • Excellent cosmetics - the hearing aids are virtually undetectable

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If you have a hearing loss--take control of the situation.  Hearing loss need not get in the way of your enjoyment of life.

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