Can a hearing aid further damage my hearing?

A properly fit and maintained hearing aid will not cause further damage to your hearing. This is why it is very important to be seen by a hearing health professional with the experience and education to provide you with the best service.

Can you save money by purchasing hearing aids online?

You must be wary of online hearing aid sales. Here's why. By working with a hearing instrument specialist you are purchasing professional care and service including appropriate evaluation, medical treatment referrals if and when necessary, individual instruction in how to use the hearing aid, follow-up care visits and support, repair and rehabilitation services. So much of what is accomplished is the result of your perceptions as you wear the aids in your normal environment. Your hearing instrument specialist will make any necessary changes to the aids during the fitting and adjustment period.

Do hearing aids restore hearing back to normal?

Hearing aids do not restore hearing to “normal”. Just as glasses or contacts do not cure your vision problem, hearing aids do not cure your hearing loss. Hearing aids provide amplification to improve your hearing and listening abilities.

How do I choose which hearing aid is best for me?

There are several styles of hearing aids available, each with different features, but it is important that you purchase a hearing aid that accommodates your hearing loss and your listening needs. Most people have a friend that has a particular hearing aid, and while it is possible, don't expect the same style to be right for you. Your friend’s style of hearing aid may be a totally inappropriate choice for your hearing problem. Working with your specialist, you will be able to choose which instruments are right for your loss, your priorities and lifestyle, and your budget.

How do I know if my hearing is bad enough for a hearing aid?

Everyone’s hearing loss and listening needs are different. An evaluation with your hearing health professional will determine the degree and type of your hearing loss. If testing shows the need for amplification, then together we can choose the right style for you.
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